I know it’s been 3 months since my last update. Just know sis is working and a bit tired. Here is a recap of what I’ve been up to:

February 2021:

Launched Legacy Masterminds (LM). LM is a collective of experienced commercial real estate professionals from all facets of the industry. We work together to find and collaborate on commercial real estate opportunities for ourselves and assist others. Click the link to learn more.

Legacy Masterminds http://www.legacymastermindscre.com

AJT Law has been growing steadily. I have been working on everything from land use and zoning, commercial lease review, landlord-tenant law, and real estate litigation. I will write more about my experiences next month as I approach my 1-year anniversary of the firm and 20-year anniversary in real estate.

March 2021

I was featured in two podcasts:

It was a great to connect with fellow Detroiter, Kevin L. Davis, on his podcast, The League of Leaders. I also was featured on the University of Wealth Building YouTube Podcast discussing my experiences in commercial real estate and the importance of more minorities entering the industry.

I was also featured on Lawyer Stories Instagram page, which highlights Attorneys globally.

AJT Law made it’s first hire! Mr. Marcus A. Billie, J.D. became the first addition to AJT Law as a Law Clerk. Marcus a fellow Project REAP alum, will assist with the commercial real estate legal needs of our clients.

AJT Law also acquired an office in a shared space in Midtown. We serve clients in the Alpharetta office of our partner as well.

The month of March was also the first time I closed a commercial real estate deal as an Attorney. In March, we closed 5 deals. Check out and follow AJT Law Instagram for the details and photos.

Real Estate Closing in April

I also realized that March was the 2 year anniversary of my appointment to the In Rem Review Board of the City of Atlanta. It has been a pleasure and learning experience to serve my community in this capacity.

APRIL 2021

I still made time to improve my golf game. I attended some Golf Women Mean Business Events and the cool part is that two of my clients were in attendance. Golf Women really mean business.

In the interim, The Thomas Agency has still been helping build legacies via real estate. The past 3 months, we have assisted in the disposition of Atlanta multifamily and the acquisition of single family and commercial properties in Michigan and Georgia.

In April, we listed a portfolio of multi-family properties in Detroit. Click the link for more information.

On a personal note, this is a big month for my family. My oldest son turns 18 and graduates from high school. I am so Godly proud of him. My baby is now a man and will be attending school in Boston on a full academic tuition scholarship. Getting ready for prom and planning for graduation on top of everything else. My youngest son is flourishing as well. I have resolved this year to spend more time with people I like ,doing things I am good at and actually ENJOY doing…it feels good to cultivate the life you want.

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