Opportunities Come to You

It’s been said if you keep your head down and do the work, opportunities will avail themselves. I believe that you also have to be open to it by making yourself available and moving outside of your comfort zone.

After being sworn-in, the State Bar of Georgia requires new Attorneys to complete a mentorship program. Due to the pandemic, all virtual sessions were accepted. A year is provided to complete all the requirements. I completed them within 4 months. The reason being is because thanks to the relationships I’ve made in Atlanta over the last 5 years, so many legal professionals have willingly provided me guidance and are a phone call away. It’s always the people you least expect who are willing to assist in ensuring your future is bright. I’m so appreciative of the ones who want nothing in return and just want to see my business do well. I say that because I have reached out to some professionals who never respond, or are only willing to share information, if I work for them.

As a member of the Real Estate Section of the Georgia Bar, I am a member of a list serve with several hundreds if not thousands of real estate attorneys. I mistakenly replied all to one particular post where someone was looking for some part-time assistance writing title commitments. This was a mistake that paid off in a good way. Other Attorneys reached out to me and let’s just say they are willing to sow into my law firm where it is mutually beneficial. I had two meetings within days of sending that email of interest. One Attorney, who had also been a Real Estate Developer and Broker, who is now a heavy litigator told me that I was ballsy for stepping out on my own to do real estate litigation. I am looking forward to the collaborations with the two individuals that will follow. I was selected for a Fellowship that will also assist me with growing my legal business with back office support. The fellowship is mortgage foreclosure and default servicing.

I googled myself and found another feature…that actually came out before the Yahoo Finance Article.

Real estate deals are still closing…residential and commercial in the Detroit and Atlanta markets. One deal I am particularly proud of involves the lease up of the Quest Westside Impact Center. I am currently assisting with the closing out leases for this 30,000 square foot mixed-use beacon in the community. One of the largest tenants is Family Dollar.

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  1. Keishia N. NiBlack October 25, 2020 — 11:50 am

    Excellent article! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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