As we approach the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020…I’ve learned with all of the loss of life and life as we know it that it’s even more important to walk in one’s truth and happiness. As previously discussed, I’ve been very intentional about setting and reaching my goals. I emphasized my professional development and will soon shift my attention to personal goals.

In addition to starting my real estate law firm, AJT Law and taking on a variety of cases including pro bono work with the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, I completed the Urban Land Institute Atlanta, Center for Leadership Program. I’m enjoying exploring the many facets of real estate law while determining my sweet spot. August 8, 2020, I was also featured in a Yahoo! Finance article: Coronavirus stimulus: Millions of Americans face potential eviction as protections expire and talks stall discussing the ramifications of evictions in Atlanta due to the pandemic. Thank you Lord for the free promotion of my legal services!

ULI’s Center for Leadership was a great experience overall. I met and worked with highly talented real estate professionals from a cross section of specialties. My particular team worked on Stimulating Main Street: Activating a Commercial Corridor in Historic South Atlanta.

This past week, I was notified that my portfolio submission to CCIM was approved! The portfolio of qualifying experience is a standardized means for candidates to verify the quality of their work as commercial-investment professionals and to document having achieved at least the minimum level of experiences required to qualify for the CCIM designation. CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. The CCIM lapel pin denotes that the wearer has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis, and demonstrated extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry. CCIM designees are recognized as leading experts in commercial investment real estate. Above all, the CCIM designation represents proven expertise in financial, market, and investment analysis, in addition to negotiation. This was the final requirement before I take the exam for my PIN and designation.

The Thomas Agency is continually expanding and serving clients. We welcomed Kay Young to the Atlanta team and took on a few more out-of-state clients.

Upon conquering the CCIM exam…unless it is continuing education my energy will be focused on scaling the business and personal (physical and mental) goals. Prayers till November. To be honest, sis is tired. Sis needs a vacation from reality, exams, building businesses, anything that requires too much thought but until then, let’s work.

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