Sisters How Y’all Feel, Brothers Y’all Alright?

Whew! Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I’ve lost family members and friends. I’m from Detroit, one of the hardest hit areas in the country. The City of Detroit is grieving, please keep my hometown in your prayers. The State of Michigan did not deem real estate as an essential service, so all real estate activity screeched to a halt from March to May 7th, except for virtual showings and closings.


The State of Georgia deemed real estate an essential service and the residential market activity remained steady but commercial slowed. I had quite a few deals get canceled and limited my activity in order to take safety precautions. With two school-age children, it was important to ensure that homeschooling is completed and that I am ultimately here to tend to their needs. Despite the aforementioned, to say that I have been productive is an understatement. I decided that I would use my time to come out of this time period better than ever by focusing on my personal and professional development, ie: spirituality,  health and increasing my knowledge and skillset. I have participated in more zoom calls and webinars than I can count. I have applied for loans, grants and other business benefits. I completed three real estate certification courses and multiple refresher courses. I’m enrolled in a Civil Mediation Training in June. I’m happy to announce that The Thomas Agency of Georgia, LLC is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business. 


In addition to consuming information, I have also been imparting information. Starting with an interview by a fellow commercial real estate colleague, then I hosted a webinar for commercial real estate rent relief, followed by a series called: Real Estate Discussions on Instagram Live and continued the Aisha on The Ave segments on Instagram TV.


On May 27th, I will be featured on Atlanta Real Estate Radio (Business Radio X) to discuss real estate and my community involvement. Look out for the formal announcement and link. I also joined a CRE Group and gained a new mentor out of Florida. I have some great commercial listings in Michigan: a restaurant sub-lease, an automotive shop, and a beauty salon business for sale. I also have a beautiful Atlanta residential property for sale

I have a big announcement in June. Something that has been 6 years in the making has finally come to fruition. Thank you for reading and staying abreast of my journey of Getting to the 1% in Commercial Real Estate.

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