Quarantine and Chill…sort of.

After spending the last quarter of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 with my head in the books completing my CCIM courses and preparing to take the February 2020 Bar Exam, I was so happy to come up for air. The day after the Bar, I served the City of Atlanta’s In Rem Review Board and jumped on a plane the day after to go visit my mother in Dallas, TX. By the time my sons and I returned…the USA started to recognize the impending pandemic, COVID-19.

I had all these plans to dive back into the culture of commercial real estate and build my pipeline back up. I attended a few events/meetings, but the end of March was ripe with many opportunities.

Then, EVERYTHING was canceled or postponed. It started with my trip to DC, where my son was to present his App to Congressman John Lewis as the 5th District Congressional App Challenge winner to buyers backing out of deals due to the stock market crash. As I completed the first week of quarantine with my boys, my thoughts and my computer, I began to reflect even more.  I’ve always been a reflective person and I went back to how I survived the market crash of 2007-2008, law school and rebuilding my business thereafter.  I lamented that I felt like I never got back to the level that I was previously at but what I gained over these past few years have been a formal and informal education far greater than money. The market crashing is the great equalizer for most…my confessions of faith and prior experience has enabled me to quarantine and chill. Last year, I felt that the tides were shifting but did not think it would happen so swiftly and drastically.

This has given me time to be productive in between chilling, I’m currently reading about 3-4 books, organizing, cleaning, sleeping, client consultations, fleshing out the details of a subsidiary business, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges all while jamming to one of the most epic Instagram Live streams, DJ DNice’s 8-9 hour jam sessions. I mean, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg, and celebrities from every industry were partying at the same time (over 100k+ people). Epic!


Not sure what the next few weeks will hold but we’re still SAFELY serving clients by taking the proper precautions. I’m using this time to be as productive as possible and not being moved by what appears. Back to reading, working and chilling.

Gloves, masks and social distancing…OH MY! Gloves I wore to a property tour. 


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