As the holiday season approaches, most people are winding down to enjoy food, family and parties but not me. I’ve had a really productive month and a half and need to keep the momentum going in order to ensure that 2020 will be everything I need it to be according to God’s will. Preparation in these next few months will change the course of my life. I’ve began checking off some of my professional goal lists for my business and myself personal development. The focus is to continue building my brand and creating my own opportunities because I can’t get a desirable decent salaried position in commercial real estate to save my life. LOL. Self-employment is hard but I take all the positions I’ve applied for that I am more than qualified for and don’t even get an interview as God’s way of telling me to stay FOCUSED on my focus. I received further confirmation when a man of God spoke over my business and repeated exactly what God had already told me to do. So I began with applying to become a DBE/MBE and for my trademark. I also took a different approach to marketing and finally I am comfortable enough to expand my team in Atlanta and Detroit.


Two days before my birthday,  I completed the very last core CCIM-Certified Commercial Investment Member- course CI 104. One of my goals this year was to complete the requisite courses and to do it almost for free. As previously discussed, I was admitted into the Cultural Diversity Education Program, where you get a reduced rate for the classes, which average $1800 per class. I was also awarded three reimbursement scholarships, which covered three of the four courses. I applied for and received scholarships  from each real estate board I am a member of and more recently from the local Georgia CCIM chapter. Mission accomplished! To earn the CCIM designation, commercial real estate professionals must complete more than 160 hours of case-study driven education covering topics such as interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, investment analysis, and ethics in commercial investment real estate. Candidates must also compile a portfolio demonstrating the depth of their commercial real estate experience and pass a comprehensive examination. Now I have to submit my portfolio and prepare for the Comprehensive Exam next year. The reason why obtaining this certification is important to my commercial real estate career is because there are a small percentage of professionals who have this certification and also as a minority, I always have to unfortunately validate my knowledge and experience. When this credential is on your resume or “the pin” on your lapel, most of your counterparts, know what it entails and don’t question your experience.

I had the opportunity to moderate the Legal Issues in Commercial Real Estate Panel again for the 2019 REAP-ATL cohort. It was an informative discussion hosted by my mentor, Althea Broughton of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP.

Serving the community is a priority for me. As my first year serving on the City of Atlanta’s In Rem Review Board comes to a close, I’ve found the experience to be enlightening and a bit of a challenge at times. The hearings are actions against properties and not people but some in the community think when a property is up for demolition it is a personal attack on them and their home/investment property, even if the property is unsafe and inhabitable. It’s always disheartening when a senior citizen or a person with mental challenges is living in dangerous conditions and doesn’t understand nor has the means to repair or move. The ultimate goal of the Board is to ensure that Atlanta is safe in regard to property.

Last week, I attended the Women’s Affordable Housing Network’s first Diversity in the Affordable Housing Industry Forum. This was the first time I met highly regarded women developers of affordable housing. This forum breached topics that are not typically addressed in public forums such as discrimination and wage disparity. Great event and I’m looking forward to connecting with some of the developers in the near future.

There is a #10yearchallenge going around on social media where people are highlighting photos from 2009 vs. 2019. I rarely participate in social media trends but I felt compelled to not only post photos but share what this past decade has been like for me. On to the next 10 years and beyond…FOCUSED.


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