The past couple of months have been quite busy. I’ve already completed 2 of my 10 ULI Center for Leadership sessions, which included a session on Urban Planning… I got to play with Legos and another CCIM required course. I have one more core course left before I prepare to take the certification exam and submit my portfolio for review.  I also completed continuing education for my HCCP certification. In addition to a Quest Community Development Board meeting and an In Rem Review Board Meeting, I attended a non-profit course at the Georgia Center for Non-Profits. The mission of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is to build thriving communities by helping nonprofits succeed. Through a powerful mix of advocacy, solutions for nonprofit effectiveness, and insight building tools, GCN provides nonprofits, board members and donors with the tools they need to strengthen organizations that make a difference on important causes throughout Georgia. I learned how other large and small non-profits operate and deal with challenges such as fundraising. I also had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for the 2019 REAP-Atlanta session. It was great to see the people I interviewed or referred to the program get ready to embark upon an enlightening and educational experience in commercial real estate.

In the midst of all this professional development, I came up with a new video marketing strategy called, Aisha on the Ave. Aisha on the Ave are short videos where I highlight opportunities in commercial real estate. So far I have featured 2 upcoming developments that will benefit small businesses on the Westside and existing retail and office space for lease. You can view the videos on the IGTV on my personal Instagram page @aishajthomas. See the video tour of Quest Community Development’s latest mixed use project construction site.


I applied and received a scholarship to attend my first Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference on behalf of Quest Community Development. The conference was held in Atlanta and it was a dynamic experience to network and learn from other professionals with similar missions as it concerns affordable housing, land preservation and policy issues. Individuals worked for land banks, community land trusts, developers, housing authorities, for-profit and non-profit developers. I met several people from Detroit and learned about the interesting projects in store for vacant lots and properties.  As a scholarship recipient, I was obliged to work the Conference Service Project, clean up and beautification of Freedom Park in Atlanta.

I’ve been on the avenue literally and figuratively expanding my skillset and making connections in the industry while closing a few deals and figuring out how to scale in anticipation of gaining MBE certification, new team members and more business for the last quarter of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Let’s get it!

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