“Dedication, Hard Work plus Patience”

Over the past five months, I began the process of becoming a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). So far I’ve completed CI 101, CI 102 and the Negotiation requisite course. This process requires 4 core graduate level classes with exams, a negotiation class and two electives in addition to submitting a portfolio and passing an intensive overall exam. I applied to the Cultural Diversity Education Program which reduces the cost of each class. The classes cost approximately $1800 per class. I also advise individuals interested in obtaining the certification to inquire about scholarships offered by Realtor Boards. These scholarships are not need-based or merit-based, the only requirement is to be a member of the trade organization, the National Association of Realtors. There are also scholarships offered at the local CCIM level as well. My goal is to complete all the coursework this year and by next year prepare for the exam to enable me time to meet the portfolio requirements. This process takes patience and dedication to enhance my skillset to better serve my clients. Contact The Thomas Agency for a market analysis or financial analysis of your next real estate investment.



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