Speaking things into existence…


The Flipology  203: Commercial Wholesaling event went well. I had the pleasure of teaching the audience about how to analyze multi-family properties and learned a lot myself about self-storage, retail and land deals.

In continuation of serving the community, I was appointed the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quest Community Development. Looking forward to the ground breaking and the further investment into the westside of Atlanta. I am also a subject matter expert for the organization. I attended several legal holiday events in order to continue nurturing my relationships in the legal community in preparation of my expansion of my business.

I look forward to many more speaking opportunities in 2019 and being even more active in the legal community. Another interest I have is to improve my golf game…an activity that I’ve grown to enjoy and understand the benefits of as it relates to business.

My goal is to enter a charity golf tournament next year and not suck. I was also approached about being an ambassador for the City of Atlanta’s Black Girls Golf chapter. I was honored to be considered and look forward to the possibility, which is more incentive to tighten up my game. If chosen,  I will not misrepresent this organization by having a terrible golf game. I started with my first set of golf clubs and getting my footwear in order. Check out the items I bought below:





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