The Year of 40…

The month of November 2018, is the month that I turned 40 years old. One of the most profound lessons of my thirties was the realization that it is okay to start over as many times as it takes to bring the personal and professional God-given visions for my life to fruition. As the end of the 1st month of my new year approaches, I had some very enlightening experiences and will share some brief reflections.

At the end of October, I was featured in online magazine, VoyageATL. Click the link to read more. I shared a lot of the same information in my blog, thinking that it would be edited down…IT WASN’T. I was humbled by the amount of women in real estate that said my story inspired them. While still figuring out my path, I’m learning to enjoy the journey.



The Level Up Speaking Event: Multifamily Simplified went great! I was on the panel with three gentleman who were very experienced and met quite a few of engaged investors and real estate professionals.  Again, I’m so appreciative of the invitation extended by private lender, Baker Collins & Co.


Speaking of inspirations, earlier on the day of November 8, 2018, I was blessed to met one of my business inspirations, Mr. Quintin E. Primo III, of Capri Investment Group. His name is listed on the Black Real Estate Developer shirt that I designed and sell. The best part is that he liked the shirt and asked that I send him one! I was even more impressed to learn that he is a man of faith and impact investing drives his organization. I look forward to cultivating this relationship.


I was also interviewed for a mainstream media opportunity to highlight my real estate career journey, we will see what comes of that. As I slowly check off the boxes of my bucket list, I completed a big one…traveling internationally alone and staying in a hostel. I was told the hostel I resided at in the Bahamas was not a typical one. It was beautiful. I roomed with people from all over the world…Russia, Germany, Columbia, Greece, Switzerland, Canada, France, Jamaica and Holland. It’s funny how life comes around full circle, I never had the dormitory experience while in college but I had it at 40 and made a lifelong connection with a woman from Tampa, FL. I also used this time to just relax and prepare for my year of 40. Nassau, Bahamas gets a bad rap outside of the all-inclusive resorts. I stayed on the main island and experienced the culture and the native perspective on tourism, the economy and of course real estate. It’s a beautiful country with a complicated but rich history and a clear delineation of wealth vs. poverty. It was refreshing to see an ‘independent brown country,’ I really enjoyed it and will definitely visit again very soon.


Service is very important, not only for my personal well-being but also professional development. Volunteering has afforded me access to experience, knowledge and people in the commercial real estate industry that I may have never been able to encounter. I attended an event and my first Board of Director Retreat with Quest Communities (Quest). I’m proud to serve an organization that is making such a large impact, $32 million investment on the Westside of Atlanta. My service has allowed me to be active in the development and acquisition of real estate from a developer perspective as a subject matter expert and real estate professional in affordable housing. Quest just received a $200,000 grant from Bank of America and I attended the event at the Mercedes Benz Stadium and received a tour of the billion dollar facility.


Wrapped up the week with my City of Atlanta Department of City Planning Community Development Leadership session and a Federal Opportunity Zone Program workshop. It’s important that I have a thorough understanding of this new tax incentive for the investor and business owner clients of The Thomas Agency. If you want to know if you can benefit from this program, feel free to set up a free consultation. Unfortunately, the previously scheduled ABC’s of Real Estate Development event is postponed until a later date. Stay tuned for the new date.

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