Level Up!

This week I look forward to participating in the Level UP Event. Multi-Family Simplified will discuss how to find, manage and exit your first or next multifamily property. This program is presented by hard money lender Baker Collins & Co.

I began this week with a special invitation to Demo Day at Atlantic Station, which featured the renderings of the re-development of Central Park and ran into Trailblazer Ray Uttenhove, who is a legend in the retail segment of commercial real estate industry. In all her fabulousness, she  encouraged me and I appreciated it.

I headed across the 138 acre development to one of the office buildings to a Arnell, Golden & Gregory LLP, where my mentor Althea K. Broughton, a highly regarded commercial real estate attorney hosted the REAP 2018 class for a panel. I had the pleasure of moderating the “Legal Issues in Commercial Real Estate” Panel. Ms. Broughton and her colleagues, Tunrola A. Odelowo and Cynthia Brooks-Bullock of FisherBroyles, LLP were the subject matter experts on topics ranging from green leases to joint venture considerations. Afterward, the firm held a nice reception for the REAP co-hort.

Two days later, I was back at Arnell, Golden & Gregory, LLP, for the Real Estate Breakfast Briefing featuring Selig Enterprises. Selig is a 100-year old real estate firm. Their representatives, one of which was a woman presented on their newest 80-acre development called The Works. It is located on the Upper Westside of Atlanta and it will consist of office, retail, housing, and entertainment.


I was particularly honored to say hello and express my condolences in person to Steve Selig regarding the loss of his son, Scott Selig. Scott began the development division of Selig in 2014. Scott was one of the first people I met in the industry when I moved to Atlanta and made me feel welcome in a room where there weren’t many people who looked like me. I was also gifted the centennial book that was just released at the end of October 2018, on the history of the family and their impact on Atlanta and the Southeast.


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