Commercial Real Estate: Not the business of real estate but of information.

The Thomas Agency of Georgia, LLC is hosting a free Small Business Development Essentials Event on August 29, 2018. In case you were wondering why…here’s why! As I grow my tenant representation business, I encounter entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs who are missing the essential elements required to get a lease for their business whether it be office, retail or restaurant space.

I curated experts in the fields of Business Law, Tax and Bookkeeping, Insurance, Small Business Finance, Economic Development, Planning and Zoning. I’ve had clients who have not set up their business structure, no financial records of their profits or funds to build out, clients who leased space only to find out zoning doesn’t allow the type of business they want. I’ve also encountered clients who have struggled through the permitting process, who don’t have proper insurance for their business and clients who  agreed to lease terms that hinder the growth of their business. The impact of these issues could have been lessened or even prevented with proper information and expert guidance, hence the reason I’m in the business of providing information and resources to the community.

I would like to personally invite you to attend the event if you are in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  Click on the flyer to register to attend.  We would like to thank our sponsors, Young Property Services, LLC,, D & M Capital Investments, LLC, Two Hands to Heal, LLC and Nailah Designs.


The Thomas Agency of Georgia, LLC aims to have educated clients throughout the real estate process to ensure we save our clients time and money. Schedule a free real estate consultation. 





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