Forging Forward…

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. With the first two weeks of 2017 behind us, I used this time to recuperate physically and mentally as well as to plan for this year. In regard to getting to the 1% in real estate, it is still the plan but the how has changed. I have been really stubborn about how Getting to the 1% in Real Estate was supposed to look and even resisted the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit because things did not appear how I thought it should. Over the past 2 years, I wrote books and had several other ideas but whenever I thought it was time, God said no, not yet. I knew in my gut that it wasn’t the true message or purpose for me. I felt pressure because it seems like this strategy is what is promulgated as one of the formulas to be “successful” in your field or business. Sell something, sell your knowledge, sell your books, sell your products, sell your services…sell, sell, sell. I’m all for capitalism but I want whatever I sell to be a true reflection of my purpose and not just some regurgitation of what’s already out there.

I know some will say but when it’s your story or your information, it can be the same but what makes it different is you. I wholeheartedly agree. I just believe timing and more importantly obedience to God is essential in ALL things. I did not come to this point overnight, it took quite some time for me to be okay with where I am at this very moment, inclusive of the recent hardships which were in part due to my disobedience. Anyone who knows me and where I come from and some of the things I’ve had and experienced will know how painstakingly humbling this has been hence the resistance on my part. As previously stated, I will always have a real estate brokerage to assist with Building Legacies, One Property At A Time. I am however, creating another business and possibly taking on a new role. I will disclose more as it comes to fruition but I am hopeful. I am hopeful that I will be able to use my passion for real estate and my love of service to educate and disrupt the industry as we know it. When I say disrupt, I mean in a good way…real estate as whole whether it be law, sales, development, housing, etc. at the core has not changed in hundreds of years but there are always opportunities to be innovative.

In 2014, I purposefully created a vision board for the first time.  I decided that my vision board needed to reflect desires, dreams and goals that were so big that it scared me. It included visuals that I had no idea on how it would happen. I still have the same board up in my personal space because there are many goals on it that I have not accomplished yet, so much so that I haven’t been compelled to even update or add anything to it over the past 3 years. This year is the first time I feel the need to add to it. I’m excited! Even though a vision board is mostly for one’s self, I will share a couple of my new educational goals with you.

I want to continue to be a resource to those interested in commercial real estate and development. As a lifelong learner and a desire to be a master of my craft, I learned about two programs that may interest someone who wants to increase their skill set. There is a new Development Specialty track offered by CCIM and the Real Estate Management Program at Harvard Business School. The Development Specialty Track program provides commercial real estate developers, investors, and consultants with an understanding of the resources and business practices required for successful development projects. The Real Estate Management Program brings industry leaders and real estate practitioners together to explore real-world scenarios, best practices, and effective management techniques for competing successfully in today’s dynamic global markets.This woman will have some Ivy-League credentials.

I look forward to what 2017 will bring despite the uncertainties of life. I’ve said in the past that I know there is a Higher Power and I don’t have to figure everything out but I’m glad that I’m finally at peace with this fact.

Make it a GREAT YEAR!

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