Struggling with the Strategy!

My Pastor is in the middle of a series called, 14 Principles to Obtaining Wealth. A month ago, he spoke about knowing what he was called to do but he struggled with the strategy. That one line struck a chord with me because it is reflective of my current professional life.

I know I’ve been missing in action for a few months but it has definitely been a busy few months. I completed a temporary project with the Atlanta Housing Authority, where I gained invaluable knowledge about the multifamily initiatives and the housing choice voucher program. I also interviewed for an awesome opportunity in commercial real estate development, that I will discuss the details at a later time. I also began volunteering as an asset manager with a non-profit and legal volunteer with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society.

I took the bar exam and accepted a position with Marcus & Millichap, a real estate investment services company, which I began last month. I am apart of the National Multi Housing Group. I specialize in multifamily property located within the City limits of Atlanta in addition to nationwide deals. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity afforded to me by the regional manager of this organization. He stated that he wanted me to join his team not due to all of my educational accomplishments but my ability to adapt to change and persevere. I applied with several other national firms but was never given the chance to work on the brokerage side; only offered support roles. I’m excited about the training  I’m receiving and realized that I’ve been doing the right thing, the wrong way when it comes to real estate. If I don’t learn anything else, this lesson alone was worth the investment of time and money. This is indicative of my strategy struggle…

Though my strategy is still not totally clear, I’m taking this time to enjoy the journey of discipline, learning and rebuilding.

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