Right Where You Are…

Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.~ Napoleon Hill

The past couple of weeks have been busy. I started a temporary assignment with a quasi-government agency, to increase landlord participation in one of their programs and had the opportunity to attend The Dream Project Symposium | Unleash the Creator Within. It was a great experience to hear Magic Johnson speak as well as Google and Facebook executives.

There were several entrepreneurs there who shared strategies on everything from pitching your business to finances. Awesome event! I received confirmation in my spirit about some things I had been praying about. In addition to attending this conference, I continued my volunteer efforts by attending the Diversity and Governmental Affairs Committee meetings of the Atlanta Commercial Board. The Diversity committee highlighted the success of some of the initiatives and are preparing for some great events this year. The Governmental Affairs group discussed the local elections and voted on who the Board will support financially. I always knew the great role politics played in my business but thought that it was an area that I had no voice in; I was wrong. It is essential to get involved. I recently applied to be on a City council person’s advisory committee and I interviewed and agreed to volunteer for a non-profit with a huge real estate portfolio. My role in that organization will be discussed in more detail at a later time.

CREW Atlanta Luncheon, April 14, 2016

I attended the CREW April Luncheon, which featured Wall Street Maven, Carla Harris and she discussed, Carla’s Pearls, which are strategies highlighted in her book, “Strategize to Win”. She spoke about the 3 adjectives that I want people to think of when I’m not in the room. For me, the words are LEADER, KNOWLEDGABLE, AND VIRTUOUS.

Coincidentally, I met a young lady, who a week later I would be working closely with at the new temporary position. I also encountered an executive I had met at a previous CREW meeting, who offered me insight about some new opportunities in commercial real estate.

At church, things were brought full-circle, when my Pastor announced our church’s vision of supporting Christian businesses and transforming the marketplace. The whole point of this blog is to chronicle my journey to transform the commercial real estate industry in my own way. I’m excited to be listed in the inaugural LinkedIn Church Business Directory. My pastor talked about how being a Christian doesn’t make up for shoddy work and the importance of running a business with integrity and as an employee that our actions can witness and glorify God. We spend 40+ hours per week in the marketplace and 90 minutes in Church. The marketplace is where we spend most of our time and can make a major impact.


I realize that there are so many opportunities right where we are, we have to be open enough to receive them and take advantage of them.


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