Am I willing to sacrifice even more?

If I haven’t said it before in a previous post, I will say it now…commercial real estate isn’t the easiest segment of real estate to break into. Most of the major brokerage firms recommend that you have 6-12 months of living expenses saved while training and building your business. To say that I don’t have this is an understatement. I am happy to announce that for the first time in my journey, I’ve been offered a broker position with a major firm. I’ve met with several others who recommended I start in a support position (which don’t pay much) but this particular hiring Vice President was different. He said he wanted me to join the company, not only because I was smart and showed perseverance in my educational pursuits and development but because I showed heart and a tolerance for risk. He is willing to teach me a system and support me in order for me to be a success in the industry.

Now to the practical side…as the sole provider in my household and a mother of two, this is where the dilemma comes in. I know this will take another 6-8 months to build but I cannot financially sustain for that long. So what do I do? I prayed about my situation and began speaking what the Word says. Just when I thought I was in the clear and this move would be feasible, I had a million dollar deal not close. Sigh…but the next day was called in to interview with a quasi-government agency for a contract position. I had to remind myself of what God promised me and continue to have faith about how this will play out. I’ve really had to undergo some self-evaluation. Am I operating in my true calling, is there a way to incorporate the vision all into one? I’ve written the vision and made it plain but not quite sure how it will be achieved, this is where God comes in.

To be continued…

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