Pitch, not so Perfect?

In 2015, I applied for the City of Atlanta’s Women Entrepreneur Initiative Program. I was called in to pitch for one year of free office space. I met some amazing women in business. Even though, I ultimately was not chosen. I was offered a 12-week entrepreneurial training program that began last month with Operation Hope.

This was my first time formally pitching my new company. It really provided perspective on being clear and concise about who and what my company does.

This also gave me the confidence and provided practice for me to do my Periscope videos. You can check out some of my very informal past videos, most feature my assistant (my youngest son). Click the link to the The Thomas Agency YouTube Channel. I chose this informal format because I’m literally having a conversation with friends about real estate. This format allows me to engage with the community as well as answer questions off-the-cuff.

The entrepreneurial training offered by Hope Small Business Empowerment Program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs from low-wealth neighborhoods. They combine business training and financial counseling with lending services so their clients get all the tools and resources they need to make their dreams a reality. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity and leveraging the connections and experiences to service the real estate needs of other businesses in the city of Atlanta.

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