3 MONTHS after I openedĀ The Thomas Agency of Georgia, LLC, I closed my firstĀ COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE DEALĀ in Georgia at the end of January 2015! This deal was 30 single family residentialĀ lots in a sub-divison. The few homes that were in the sub-division were high end property that suffered from the project not being completed. It was an awesome deal that my client acquired for 40% off of the asking price.

Like I said in my otherĀ post, you can’t do epic ish, with basic people and I thank God I know an epic individual who was not only my first GA client but has also mentored me on the investment side. His expertise has expedited my knowledge of the Intown Atlanta market…Mr. Ramon Tookes, the Flipologist himselfĀ of The Tookes Group, LLC. Click the links to learn more about his boot camp for investors and other services.

I caught some slack about moving to Georgia but several factors were calling me to the Peach State even before I moved to California. I’m a risk taker and never wanted to wonder, so I chose Cali but I have to say that Georgia chose me. A lot of people from the North have migrated back to the metropolitan Atlanta area and I was apprehensive of moving “where everybody goes” but after much prayer and evaluation; it was a no-brainer. After being spoiled by the beautiful Southern California weather, I was in no rush to return to the snow. Now don’t get me wrong, there is no place like home and there is a resurgence in the real estate market happening as I type this. I have agents who contractĀ for my Michigan company in addition to the countless connections from being employed with the City and all of my friends and colleagues, so I stay abreast of the market. I just needed a change and theĀ Southeast provides that while beingĀ closer to friends and family.

Aside from the familiarity that Atlanta provides, there are some compelling statistics to support the building of my commercial real estate company in this market. While in California, I began reading Building Atlanta by real estate mogul, Herman J. Russell. His memoir was not only inspiring because he was a successful developer but his participation in the history of the city and the Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta has been a mecca for African-Americans in terms of education and business. But even with all it’s strides, the Atlanta commercial real estate industry is still ripe for more women and minorities when you consider that according to the National Women’s Business Council,Ā Georgia is number two to D.C. for States with the highest percentage of women owned businessesĀ relative to men-owned and equally-owned businesses.Ā There are 1,526,699 Black women-owned businesses in the United States and Georgia is the State with the highest number of black women owned firms. Ā Considering the aforementioned, this is a whole market of entrepreneurs/investors who will need office, retail and investment property. Even though I don’t limit my services to women, these business ownersĀ have limited choices for representation in commercial real estate and I would like to be that for investors and small companies.

In closing, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m looking forwarding to everything that 2016 has to offer!





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